• Thu. Sep 9th, 2021

    Tesla’s New Model S Plaid Reportedly Burst Into Flames

    Tesla started to deliver the Model S Plaid on June 10. The company’s new high-end vehicle was touted for its speedy acceleration, performance-to-motor-weight ratio, and powerful touchscreen console. Now it might be known for something else: Catching fire just days after delivery.

    Reuters reported that a Pennsylvania-based “executive entrepreneur” received their Model S Plaid on June 26. Just three days later their vehicle was said to have “burst into flames” while they were driving it—and a problem with its locks meant the driver was “initially not able to get out of the car because its electronic door system failed.” They eventually forced their way out.

    Tesla had not appeared to have acknowledged the issue on its website or social media accounts at time of writing. One of the company’s most recent Twitter updates was a retweet of chief executive Elon Musk saying that “Sometimes people think it is performance, but safety is always the primary design requirement for a Tesla” on June 25, which was four days before the incident.

    The report from Reuters cited a deleted Facebook post from local fire authorities saying that “a Tesla was on fire” and that they successfully cooled “the batteries down to ensure complete extinguishment.” The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was reportedly contacting Tesla as well as “relevant agencies” in an effort to gather more information about the incident.

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